Tech@NYU is NYC's largest student-run organization of hackers, designers, and builders. We think students need to build stuff. Lots of stuff. Sitting around and talking about the stuff doesn't count, winning contests with the stuff doesn't count, only shipping the stuff counts.

Ship often. Ship lousy stuff, but ship. Ship constantly.

-Seth Godin

This is what DemoDays participants, Tech@NYU board members, and alumni have shipped.

2013-2014 e-board
  • 20-something in NYC

    Kim Pham

    Social project to collect the stories and learnings of 20-somethings in NYC.

    Responses in 5 different languages, 800+ responses, tweeted by Girls (HBO show!)

  • WhatupNYU

    Abhi Agarwal

    NYU's social media together into one place. Had 6,000++ people on the first night using the app.

  • Telluric Season

    Terri Burns

    Telluric Season is an online publication tailored towards nature photography and environmental awareness. Photographers from publications like National Geographic and Time have been featured in issues.

  • Phys.Js

    Abhi Agarwal & Philip Ottesen

    Physics Library for Javascript. Needs testers and physics nerds!

  • Non-humans of New York

    Sarah Scott

    A collaboration with Natalie Jeremijenko to track and record images of native species of NYC. The first species we are working with is the diamondback terrapin. Currently working on a prototype for GPS tracking.

  • Kipin Hall

    Abhinay Ashutosh

    Kipin Hall is an education and community life platform rolling out to NYU and the greater NYC area next semester.

    Looking for investors, testers, coders, marketers, student activists both at NYU and in the greater NYC area.

  • Kazzly

    Ben Paster

  • Italian Conjugator

    Ethan Resnick

    A web app to practice Italian conjugations.!start

  • Event Book 2.0

    Abhinay Ashutosh

    Apple and TechCrunch featured calendar app integrating weather, maps, and location with beautiful and simple design.

    Featured by Apple as New & Noteworthy, Featured by Apple in 13 countries as "Best Apps for Your New iPhone", Featured in TechCrunch for 2.0 launch, 150,000+ downloads to date

  • Eat With Me

    Cheryl Wu

    EatwithMe is a healthy habits platform for families and kids. Kids learn about the effects of their real world eating habits through a virtual pet.

    Winner of the Health track at Feast Hackathon 2013

  • besimpler

    Ben Paster

  • Student to Student

    Steven Chan

    A non-profit leveling the playing field for under-resourced, low-income middle school students who wish to gain entry into New York City’s elite specialized public high schools by providing academic resources they would otherwise not be able to afford.

  • Branch

    Hursh Agrawal

    An online conversation platform. In addition to co-founder Hursh (founder of Tech@NYU's HackDays), employed two Tech@NYU alumni. Raised $2m from Obvious Corporation, Lerer Ventures, and SV Angel. Acquired by Facebook.

  • Samplrs

    Jake Siegal

    A subscription service for getting amazing local food delivered to your door once a month. Also features a loyalty points system and food-themed events for members. Acquired by Fancy.

  • Roll'em Goll'em

    Michael Bartnett

    A platformer game that takes place (half) in the future. A split-screen view shows the future on the top half, and the present on the bottom, creating interesting and mind-bending puzzles that require a lot of thinking ahead.

  • Raise Cache

    Rebecca Zhou

    A charity event that raised over $100k for local non-profit hackNY. Over 1500 attendees at the Armory, with many NYC companies like, Birchbox and Union Square Ventures providing support.

  • Potluck

    Hursh Agrawal

    Potluck is an iPhone app that lets you find out what’s going on and chat about it with friends. Acquired by Facebook.

  • Numbers.js

    Stephen Kaliski, David Byrd & Ethan Resnick

    Advanced Mathematics Library for Node.js and JavaScript.

  • Lean Startup Machine

    Trevor Owens

    It's an intensive three-day workshop which teaches entrepreneurs and innovators how to build disruptive products.

  • Javelin

    Trevor Owens

    Javelin is Lean Startup software for enterprise teams to launch new products and improve existing ones. Currently in beta.

  • Heads Up! Hot Dogs

    Emmett Butler

    The world's first and best frankfurter-wearing simulator finally arrives on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! Assembled with the utmost care and attention under the supervision of highly-trained pixel craftsmen, Heads Up! Hot Dogs will tickle your fingertips as well as your taste buds with its rich tapestry of 2D flavors.!-hot-dogs/id557891567?mt=8

  • HashMash

    Matt Ruzicka

  • Grantophone

    Grant Kot

    A synthesizer for mobile devices. Featured as one of Gizmodo's favorite Windows 8 apps. Available for iOS and Windows Phone.

  • Cbuilder

    Nate Berkopec

    A lightweight DSL for comma-separated value output in Ruby.

  • Bowery

    David Byrd & Stephen Kaliski

    The Next Generation of Web Development. Build products, not infrastructure.

  • Bento

    Jon Chan

    Provides resources for people to learn how to code intuitively. Made front page of Reddit and HackerNews, press coverage.

    Looking for sponsors.

  • Autosets

    Matt Ruzicka

    Posts your most-liked Instagram photos to Tumblr automatically at an interval of your choosing.

  • LoCreep

    Misha Ponizil

    A text-message service for dealing with the creepers in your life. Demoed at NY Tech Meetup.